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With pens, pencils and brushes at hand, a skilful cartoonist can use them to create various effects. Sometimes it is impossible to use color, gray washes, or shading especially when the cartoon is to be printed on newspapers with absorbent papers. Often, the cartoonist is called upon to illustrate cartoons with textures, and artistic renderings. It looks better in some cartoons to put in shadows, and it is interesting to see cartoons wearing woolen sweaters, which looks fluffy. 

With only a pen or brush, the challenge is to render line drawings which convey 3-dimensional effects like shadows. Many cartoonists achieve this by drawing parallel lines, or cross-hatching lines to make an area darker or lighter. 

Not satisfied with simple parallel and cross hatching lines, many cartoonists have experimented with various techniques. The results can be startling. 

Experiment and see the results for yourself.

Cross hatching

Curl effects

Uneven pressure effects


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