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Process Drawing

Face & Body

The Process of Creating a Cartoon  

The cartoons we see published in magazines and newspapers are usually drawn larger than what we see. The reduction of the drawing at the publisher will usually produce a better picture. The cartoonist that wants to create cartoons for publications must make sure his lines are still visible when reduced in size. 

Creating a cartoon involves going through a few distinct steps. Some cartoonists may prefer to do it differently, but generally it will not be far off from the following:

Select a gag.
Sketch the outline of the cartoon to fit the paper. Some people use non-photo pencils for this. Others just use normal pencils.
Inking the cartoon. The cartoonist inks over the original sketch with pen or brush.
Erasing the pencil lines. The person using a non-photo pencil need not do this step. A person using a light box for tracing will also not need to do this step.
Writing the wordings. This can be done by hand, or with a computer. When using a computer, it involves printing out the words, cutting them out and pasting it on the drawing.
Coloring the cartoon. Use watercolor, color pencils, or pastels. It is essential that the ink you use is waterproof.
Photocopy the cartoon. This step is good for you to keep records. If the quality of the copy is good, it can also be used for sending to publishers.

Some cartoonists like to start their drawing with warming up exercise before they do the real thing.

Draft Copy done in pencil

Finished copy done in ink and complete with captions and title

Finished drawing without the captions and title


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