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About Us


Welcome to Buggybug Cartoons!

Looking through the pages in our website at Buggybug4,  you will soon realize that there are a lot of opportunities to attract people to your business here. 

Cartoons have a way of driving a point, attract attention, or taking a peek at ourselves, without making people angry.

If you are looking for information in producing cartoons, the pages of Buggybug4 are full of them. You can find something new by visiting the site often. Indeed, the site is being constantly updated.

If you are selling products, or services, you are also in the right place. We can help make your business known through cartoons!

Research shows that a picture is worth a thousand words. Cartoons help Sell.

Contact me at Buggybug Cartoonist to offer comments or requests for freelance cartooning work.

Our Expertise

Below are some background about myself, and the services I am providing:

I had been doing freelance cartooning, writing, photography for magazines, newspapers, and other publications for many years. Our website shows some samples of my work.

Our Charter

Our aim is to use cartoons to drive messages to help people realize their full potential.

We want to help people find the tools they need, and teach them to create cartoons for themselves, to develop their own hidden talents in art and cartooning.

We realize that any talents have to be put to good use for the good of humankind. 

"For to him who is productive, more will be given, and he will have abundance...."
 (Matthew 25:29)

So help us, by way of sponsorship.


Thomas Yoon

Publisher, Buggybug Cartoons


Contact Us

We're interested in hearing from you!

Do you have comments or questions on our company? Please get in touch!

Just click this address to send us your e-mail:



Buggybug4 provides freelance cartooning, illustration, and other art and graphic renderings for publication, poster, and other print media. Although we do make an effort to verify the final product, we do not accept responsibility for the outcome of the use of materials presented. 

Contact us at buggybug cartoons to report any abuse.

Thank you.



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